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Melanie is a skilled copy editor and occasional copywriter. Her time working for Beesting Digital as the lead copy editor has lent her invaluable experience working on campaigns with brands such as Unilever and TGS Global, and helping coordinate monumental mergers and acquisitions with renowned legal firms such as Clyde & Co.  

Selected work:

DeVere Group 

Copy editing | web content and ebook


Copy editing | web content

Copy editing | legal biography pages

Ajda Watson
Alexander Clare
Alexander Traill
Alexandra Payne
Alison Noonan
Alison Siniver
Alistair Kinley
Andrew Gilmour
Andrew Hibbert
Andrew Kerr
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Millen
Andrew Thomas
Andrew West
Barry Jones
Ben Jones
Ben Parks
Bob Davies
Carole Eaton
Emma Eccles
Emma Jane Taylor
Ewan Bright
Frank Hughes
Fred Feistauer
Garrett Cormican
Gemma Parker
Gemma Pearce
Gill Rothwell
Graeme Moore
Greg MacDougall
Gus Peake
Hanna Platt
Helen Devery
Henry Kirkup
Iain Fraser
James Harvey
Jane Lang
Jennifer Johnston
Jim Sherwood
Jodi Hargreaves
Joe Wakeford
John Guerin
John O Shea
Jonathan Clay
Julian Smart
Karen Dance
Katherine Lees
Kelly Matthews
Kerris Dale
Marie Atkinson
Mark Aitken
Mark Chetwood
Mark Hanson
Martin Smith
Matthew Ford
Matthew Harrington
Matthew Lowry
Matthew Stanton
Michael Cairns
Michelle McCullough
Michelle Penn
Mike Dobson
Natalie Puce
Nessa O'Roarty
Nicholas Thorne
Nick Gee
Nick Gibbons
Nigel Lock
Oliver Phillips
Olivia Treston
Patrick Connolly
Paul Owston
Paul Wainwright
Paula Jefferson
Peter Court
Philip Adamis
Phillip Carney
Phillip Mason
Priya Sejpal
Rachael Round
Rachel Eardley
Rachel Henry
Rebecca Shafto
Robert Ferdinando
Rosemary Scott
Ruth Graham
Sally Whalley

Copy editing | web content

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