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Melanie is a freelance writer and photographer based in Tbilisi. Her work has been featured in CNN, The Telegraph, Atlas Obscura, Euronews, et al.

Melanie is well-versed in long-form features and in-depth narratives that bring people and places to life. She has worked on a large variety of projects from documenting ancient fertility rituals in rural Georgia, to fun-color reads on German whiskey making.

In addition to travel writing and photography, Melanie also has a strong background in behind the scenes editorial work. As the lead editor for Beesting Digital, a white label and SEO copywriting agency, she has helped brands – including IAMS, HSBC, and TGS Global – take their campaigns next level.

As the former commissioning editor for Passion Passport, Melanie also has a wide breadth of experience in digital publishing and a keen eye for story curation. In her time with Passion Passport, she coordinated campaigns with Japan Airlines, Northern Ontario’s Tourism Board, and Visit Arizona.

When she's not penning or snapping something, you’ll usually find her getting full to the gills on Georgian food, buried in a book, out on a trail with her dog, or passionately dissecting a film with her husband.


Get in touch:

+995 595 703 796

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