Hi, I'm Melanie

I’m a writer and photographer currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia, the heart of the Caucasus. My specialty? Cultural traditions, unsung heroes and food with stories in the form of non-fiction creative writing. With three years of experience, I’ve worked on journalistic projects with CNN Travel, Atlas Obscura, Euro News, The Vagabond Imperative, and have been a contributor to two of Georgia’s largest English language publications, Georgia Today and Georgian Journal. I’ve also been featured in various other publications such as Mental Floss and Popsugar.

Currently, I’m am the Managing Editor for Passion Passport where I help shed light on some of the world’s most meaningful and impactful stories surrounding travel and culture. 

In addition to writing, my secondary passion is behind the lens. I thrive on bringing moments and the people who create them to life with a photograph. This is best seen in my work with Nana Chkareuli and the ancient, nearly forgotten fertility festival of Berikaoba.

I’ve also had the privilege of being invited on press trips to document and photograph cultural traditions throughout various regions of Georgia, courtesy of Karavanly. While my focus mainly centers on food and culture, I also write the occasional lifestyle piece or historical figure profile. If any of these things float your boat, I’d love to hear from you and help bring some color to your publication in the form of storytelling, photographs, or both.

When I’m not penning or snapping something, you’ll usually find me getting full to the gills on Georgian food, buried in a book, out on a trail with my dog, or passionately dissecting a film with my husband.

Contact Me

+995 595 703 796